Mailboxes are the dropping stage for mail, periodicals, and even some small packages. Because of the essential function they perform in our every day lives, the mailbox has evolved into an “addendum” to the home–in some instances complimenting the extremely architectural style of your home.

The chance for creativity in designing a mailbox enables for expression of one’s design tastes, permitting for its proprietor to create a statement because it greets any observer approaching the residency.

One way to personalize your mailbox is to produce a brick mailbox. As talked about earlier, many styles use the extremely bricks that had been used to develop the home of its proprietor. If there are leftover bricks in the authentic building of the home, they can be utilized to create a fantastic searching mailbox. We will break down the actions it will consider for you personally to create a 1 of a type box for you personally to have the standout box around the street.

Before we start any project ensure that the supplies and Necessary tools needed are available. There is absolutely nothing more troublesome than having to quit a project and hunt for your resources and supplies that ought to have been available in the begin of the project. Right here is a checklist of resources and supplies that you simply will need to develop your own brick mailbox:

Put together the Location and Dig the Hole

The basis of any project can figure out the achievement or failure to the whole project. Bricks and mortar are hefty, and the brick mailbox will require a sturdy, powerful basis to support the excess weight it bears.

Pour the Concrete Footer

Combine the fast-drying cement according to the manufacturers’ directions. Following you attain a consistency of oatmeal or cake batter, cautiously pour the cement onto the pea gravel. Smooth the pad till it is level utilizing a trowel and carpenter’s level.

Construct the Block Core


The block core is constructed by laying a course of bricks about an interior core of cement blocks. Position to blocks that are 8”x8”x 16” side by side onto the footer pad. Be certain to verify to ensure that the blocks are positioned within the right location. Mark the position of the blocks around the footer having a pencil or marker. Following you have marked the blocks, place a generous quantity of pre-mixed mortar along these marks.

Now you will want to dig a hole correct in front of the brick mailbox that is as deep because the height of the bricks that you simply are utilizing. Fill it having a base of sand and use the tamper to compact and level it. Don’t use any mortar for this area. Now place bricks to fill the hole and fill it in with sand.

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